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IMAGINE that life as game of skilled where we should maintain the balance of 5 balls thrown up in the air and we should preserve the balance of these 5 balls. 

The above-mentioned 5 balls are:

  1. Job
  2. Family
  3. Health
  4. Friend and
  5. Spirit

Soon we’ll understand that “Job” is a rubber ball. If we drop it, it shall rebound.

However the remaining 4 balls: Family, Health, Friend, and Spirit were made from glass. If we drop them, it will caused hurt, marked, scratched, damage, or even fall into pieces. And remember” they will never return as they were before”

We really have to well understand it and try with hard to keep them in balance.


  • Do not spoil our value of it by compare it with others.

             Differences arise was created to make each of us feel special.

  • Do not set your goal and target based on what other think is important.

             Only we, our self who can understand and can feel “what is best for our self”.

  • Do not under estimate things which are close to our heart, instead stay close to it as if it is the reason for us to live, in which without it, our life seems feel meaningless.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Do not let our life sink by living in the “past” or dream of the future.

             One day of one moment means live for the entire time of your life.

  • Do not give up when we still have things to give.

             No one is loose until they really stop trying

  • Do not afraid to admit that we are not perfect.

             Imperfection is bunch of vulnerable strings which tied us up between one to another.

  • Do not afraid to face risk.

             Consider risk as an opportunity for us to learn to be more courageous.

  • Do not try to stopping LOVE from entering your life by saying:” impossible for me to find it”. The fastest way to discover love is to give love, the fastest way to loose love is too hold it too tight, and the best way to make love growing is by give love “wings”.
  • Do not run, although life seems so fast, as it shall make us forgot where we came from and where we are heading.
  • Do not forget that the biggest emotional need of someone is the need to be appreciated.

             Do not afraid to learn something. Knowledge is the treasure that we can always carry with us wiht no burden.

  • Do not use words and time thoughtlessly, because we can re-do them once it’s past.
  • Life is not a race, instead it’s a journey where every step of the way shall be enjoyed.
  • Last, lets remember that:





Januari 5, 2010 - Posted by | Renungan

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  1. benggg…
    seneng banget sama artikel yg ini
    Ijin kopas ya, beng

    Komentar oleh Dini | Juli 23, 2010 | Balas

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